Is Instagram Exclusively Turning Into A Video Marketing Platform?

The way masses are becoming fond of video content posted and shared on Instagram is nothing but a great opportunity for marketers to leverage their business. This platform has greatly evolved from being only a photo-sharing app to a hub of e-commerce businesses competing with each other to outshine. 

It will be very silly of an entrepreneur to not utilize this feature of Instagram for gaining the upper hand over their competitors. However, you should learn how many ways there are to produce quality video content that can surpass the content quality of your rivals.

Instagram currently has 4 different formats for video posting. We will break down the specifications, uses, and benefits of each of them briefly. 

Instagram Reels

Reels are among the latest feature introduced on Instagram and it seems that people are loving it. Since reels videos can’t be longer than 60 seconds, the content should be pretty much concise yet attractive enough to catches one’s eyes. You need to shoot reels in vertical portrait mode and add complimentary captions and relevant hashtags too. Moreover, you may use effects and filters such as timer, speed controls, audio library, etc. 

If you are looking up to Instagram reels as your best supportive format for Instagram marketing, go ahead. You can also get assistance from any best site to buy Instagram reels views. And this will augment your engagement in next to no time. is one of the best websites at present which you can look upon. 

Instagram Stories

Before Instagram reels were launched, stories had a powerful impact on the users of this app. Since we know that stories don’t have permanent visibility on your feed. Unlike reels and other videos, stories are automatically deleted from your account after 24 hours of uploading unless you save them by adding to the highlights. 

If you think that your target audience has a shorter attention span, Instagram stories are the best way to interact with them and keep them engaged. Also, numerous ways help you add an element of fun and entertainment to your stories so more people will view, share, or reply to your stories. You may create a poll to know what are your customers’ interests, have a Q&A round to answer the queries and concerns of your customers. Besides using these Instagram stickers, you will also have several filters, accessibility to share links, etc. 

Instagram Videos 

Do you think that more than 70% of your target audience admire your lengthy IGTV videos? Well, it shouldn’t be a guess, you have to analyze it first using Instagram analytics. After drawing a firm conclusion, you should start developing content that interests you audience. 

However, you should know what we are referring to by calling it Instagram videos. IGTV was launched in 2018 but when it was observed that a majority of people are watching the IGTV videos from the feed and not going to the original tab of IGTV, Instagram took the better initiative to combine the two genres. Now, both Instagram feed videos and IGTV videos are referred to as Instagram videos. What’s more that you can shoot videos of up to 60 minutes and will also have a 60 seconds preview of it to trigger your audience. 

Instagram Live

Live streaming on Instagram is one of these four incredibly useful and engaging video marketing strategies. During live streaming on Instagram, you may ask another person (be it an influencer, an expert from a similar niche of your business, or a public figure) for co-hosting to talk about your brand, or you may ask your followers and viewers to drop their queries in the comments so you can answer them live. This kinda live session can also for up to 4 hours. 

Final Words

Now that you know about the different types of Instagram videos, you will be in a better position to decide which one will decipher the true meaning of your brand. And so you can work accordingly to produce new content.