Instant Growth Hacks to Gain Followers on TikTok

You wake up and post a random video on the spur of the moment to gain followers. Do you think it will work? Probably.

Indeed everyone wants to gain followers and increase engagement on their TikTok. But you must understand that earning users’ trust can’t happen overnight. You have to seek it with determination and consistency. The user base of TikTok is growing at a fast pace, and everyone is approaching the platform to grab the attention of their potential buyers. Therefore, you should know how to stay ahead of the curve and make yourself identifiable. 

You can also opt to buy TikTok followers, but it doesn’t bring value to your account. Hence, it is more thoughtful to adopt organic methods. We are going to share some handy tips to attract users and get the ball rolling by implementing them.

Commitment with a Specific Niche

Have you ever wondered why accounts with excessive content fail to gather followers? Because they tend to work on numerous ideas instead of identifying a niche. Ultimately, the viewers are always confused about whether to follow them or not. 

Commitment to a particular niche gives direction to your TikTok strategy. When you decide on a specific niche to go for, you can easily excel in your field. With your content striking emotions in the target audience, you will notice your followers increasing promptly.

Maintain Authenticity Rather Than Perfection 

Instead of becoming a TikTok celebrity with millions of followers, you should aim for steady growth. If you keep standing on the sidelines, waiting to learn from others’ actions rather than trying yourself, you may end up with nothing but regrets. 

TikTok itself provides you with effects and filters that you can utilize to add visual elements to your videos. You should learn that majority of the videos are neither shot by professionals nor in a production facility. The reason they become viral is the creator opted for authenticity.

Opt for Quality over Quantity 

When you don’t get enough views despite frequent posting, you are left with no choice but to buy TikTok views. However, it’s better to factor in the causes that prevent viewers from watching your content and follow you. So you can work to improve your strategy.

What we have seen in many cases is that brands compromise on their content’s quality to keep up with the requirement of consistent posting. We admit your content must appear in front of more eyeballs but not at the cost of its quality.

Real vs. Reel

We can see how quickly TikTok is gaining ground among all individuals. Hence, you can pique users’ interest in your TikTok videos more conveniently. To help your followers distinguish you from the crowd is to establish your unique voice. Sharing real content is the best way to allure TikTok users into following you. Be yourself and develop the unique personality of your brand. 

Don’t Overlook Small Details.

If you want more new followers to tap over your profile, make sure to use a precise and relatable username. Your profile image must be unique for recognition, and your bio should be engaging. Giving attention to these small things can make a difference.

Duet and Stitch

Experts say that TikTok pushes duet videos more to the FYP rather than regular videos. Duet and stitch is when you add your take on another creator’s video. This feature allows you to collaborate with creators of the same niche and expand your following. 


To work your way up from a small local business into an industry giant, you must hold on to these hacks. They will surely result in turning more eyes to your TikTok account.