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Clean Travel Laundry in Minutes to Keep Clothes Fresh & Sweet Smelling

Clean Travel Laundry in Minutes to Keep Clothes Fresh & Sweet Smelling |

Updated March 21, 2018

Handwashing travel laundry can be a stinking mess if you aren’t prepared with the right equipment and a little know how.

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a suitcase or backpack filled with foul smelling, filthy clothes, and find you have nothing clean to wear!

Whether your automobile had an accident on the road, you missed your connecting flight or your checked in luggage was lost, your ship was delayed because of rough seas or its route was diverted to avoid a hurricane or typhoon . . . 

. . . Horror stories!

Whatever the reason, you are stuck with odorous dirty clothes and still have nothing clean to wear.

It’s embarrassing to wear the same shirt or blouse for more than two days in a row, especially if there is a stain planted smack dab in the middle of it for everyone to see.

Even serious attempts to detract attention from such a bulls-eye using jackets, sweaters or well-placed costumer jewelry or scarves, fail miserably.

Moreover, there’s only so much stench perfume or after shave can cover up before the whole fragrance mix becomes as offensive as the body odor infused garments you are wearing.

There’s nothing like clearing a room full of people as your unusual aroma precedes your arrival . . . how humiliating!

I certainly don’t want to be remembered for my distasteful lingering scent after I leave, would you?  How mortifying!

Most lodging accommodations around the world no longer provide plugs for their sinks, which prevents unprepared travelers from handwashing their laundry.

Lodging with shared facilities such as Bed and Breakfast establishments and hostels, forbid guests from using their sinks for handwashing travel laundry.

For some kinds of travel, no such facilities exist.  This is especially true in third world countries and in the wilderness.

The Lewis N. Clark Travel Laundry Kit helps you hand wash laundry when you are away from home.

Say goodbye to nose wrinkling dirty laundry and hello to fresh smelling clean clothes.

Large universal sink stopper

Large universal sink stopper
Large universal sink stopper

The large universal sink stopper (4 inches x 4 inches) fits most sinks, does double duty in bathtubs without plugs and is reusable.

"The laundry kit, particularly the sink stopper was a life saver on my 11 day trip to France, Germany & Austria."  --K. Williams

Woolite Packets

8 packets (.25 ounces each) of lightly scented Woolite™ Cold Water Wash, a free rinsing phosphate-free and biodegradable liquid detergent, will not shrink, stretch or fade clothing; no bleeding colors.  It's easy on sensitive skin.  The Woolite™ Cold Water Wash packets are 3-1-1 compliant, meeting air travel guidelines for carry-on luggage.

"The Woolite packets really made my day as I washed the same couple outfits throughout europe and the uk."  --B. Riordan

"This worked well on our vacation. Woolite is great and in the small packages, easy to travel with."  --L. Hill

Lewis N. Clark Travel Laundry Kit

Weighing in at a mere 4 ounces, the package has a slim compact size (4 ½ x 4 7/8 x ¾ inches), perfect for packing light.

" Lightweight and didn't take up much suitcase space."  --S. K. Worms                                                                                           

"The packets are small enough that you can carry them in your carry-on and not cause issues with TSA."  --D. Bauer

Recommended by Travel Professionals!

"A universal sink plug such as the one featured in the Lewis N. Clark Laundry Kit is essential so you can wash in any sink around the world."

--Alexandra Jimenez,

"If you are a One Bag Carry-on Only traveller such as I am then you know that doing laundry is a must when you are on the road . . . Here’s your solution: a large universal stopper, some laundry detergent . . . "

--Mary Chong,

"If you are traveling Europe, be aware that many hotels sinks do not have stoppers; instead, they has a mesh screen. So, a thin, rubber stopper may be necessary. Luckily, Lewis N. Clark has put together a travel laundry kit with a stopper and enough sink packets to last for a few weeks."

--Emile Coombe,

Lewis N. Clark Woolite Travel Laundry Kit With Sink Stopper and Liquid Soap (8-Pack)

Add To Cart
Add to Cart


See Why Travelers are Excited!

"This was perfect for washing clothes in hotel rooms throughout Europe. Perfect portions of Woolite, easy to pack and the stopper helped stop leaks in a variety of sink styles."

J. WolfJ. Wolf

When it comes to doing travel laundry, whether you’re on the road, taking to the air or sailing by sea, the tools, tips and tricks of the trade you use are the same.

If you’re like me, you don’t like all the work of packing more than you need . . . you travel light.

It’s why packing a heavy jug of laundry detergent weighs you down; it’s bulky and unwieldy to handle and it doesn’t pack nicely at all.

When you need to wash your clothes and the only basin you have access to is a motel or RV sink, or a camping dish tub or bucket, and cold water, then a specially designed laundry kit, like the Lewis N. Clark™ Travel Laundry Kitis what you need to get the job done.

Using the Lewis N. Clark Travel Laundry Kit to wash dress chinos in a hotel bathroom sink.

Handwashing Your Travel Laundry is Quick & Easy 

  1. Pour a packet of Woolite™ Cold Water Wash into a sink.
  2. Add cold water, and then the dirty clothes.
  3. Soak the clothes in the suds for ten minutes.
  4. Agitate and scrub out stubborn spots; a soft nail brush works well for this.
  5. Drain the sink.
  6. Wring out the clothes.
  7. Rinse clothes in cold running water.
  8. Wring out water.
  9. Roll wet clothes tightly in a microfiber towel and wring to extract excess water.
  10. Hang clothes to dry.

I love the small leak proof packets; they are fuss free.

Woolite™ Cold Water Wash packet information

Each packet contains enough liquid detergent to hand wash a sink full (motel bathroom sink, an RV sink, a camping dishpan or bucket) of moderately dirty laundry.  The liquid detergent dissolves well in cold water and easily rinses clean.

We’re talking about the same Woolite™ Cold Water Wash known and loved by generations since its introduction in 1951.

Many travelers claim their clothes launder cleaner and smell fresher than laundry does from their washing machine a home.

In our small RV we often travel to wilderness locations where there are no facilities such as expensive laundromats or travel trailer hookups.  This is called boondocking or dry camping.

Because our travel trailer is so compact, there is no room to bring large bulky items, such as a bottle of laundry detergent from home.

The Lewis N. Clark™ Travel Laundry Kit is perfect for trips like this where our one sink is small and we wash only with cold water to preserve our limited amount of propane for cooking only.  Our small RV is an extremely lightweight model so we save on fuel when on the road.  Everything we pack in it meets our specifications for “lightweight”, “compact” and “multipurpose”.

This little travel laundry kit fits our standard.

It's Priced Right, Much Less than Others.


I was pleasantly surprised to have received a quality product I quickly found to be indispensable.  So much so, I keep a kit packed in my survival gear.

For those who prefer to pack light, this is the travel laundry kit for them.  The compact box is, 4 ½ x 4 7/8 x ¾ inches, weighs 4 ounces and is made of a high quality cardboard that packs and travels well.

Mine took quite a beating on a long business trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and came home looking brand new.

The slim packaging allows the kit to easily lie between layers in carry-on luggage, fit in a day-pack, backpack or coat pocket, or pack inside a collapsible laundry basket or travel laundry bag.

It takes up no space at all and is known to have traveled well on extensive trips around the world and on cruises.

For those travelers whose gear gets hard use, I recommend packing the kit inside a heavy duty two-gallon sized plastic zip bag, which doubles as a sealable dirty laundry bag. In a pinch, the bag serves as a vessel to hand wash laundry in when no sink or basin are available, such as when backpacking.

To keep travel laundry chores simple, plan to hand wash every day or two.  I keep up by washing my clothes as soon as they are dirty.  This way, all my travel clothes, except the ones I am wearing, are clean, always packed and ready to go.

Get your Lewis N Clark Travel Laundry Kit, and then add in a portable clothesline, a microfiber towel set, a portable hair dryer, quick-dry socks and clothes, and you are good to go anywhere!

*Note:  I am a brand ambassador for Lewis N. Clark™.  They requested I field test and evaluate some of their products.  I received a free Travel Laundry Kit in return for this product review, which I pack on every trip I take . . . I couldn't travel comfortably without it.

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