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How to Use a Travel Clothesline to Dry Clothes in Record Time, Wrinkle-free

How to Use a Travel Clothesline to Dry Clothes in Record Time, Wrinkle-free

Updated May 21, 2018.

Drying wet clothes can be a challenge if you aren’t prepared with the right equipment, such as a travel clothesline and a few tips.

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a bunch of wet clothes slung over the back of chairs, hanging on door handles, shower heads or laid out on the bathroom counter, and find you have nothing dry to wear!

Perhaps you just returned from a day at the beach or a dip in the pool and you need somewhere to hang your dripping swimsuit and soggy towel.

Things happen when you travel.

At some point and for whatever reason, you will find yourself hand washing some of your clothes, whether you’re doing travel laundry in a hotel room, hostel, RV, on a cruise ship, or while camping or backpacking.

How will you get your clothes dry? Where will you hang them?

If you sling your favorite travel shirt over the back of a wooden chair or tree branch to dry, the wood will likely stain the fabric. Worse still, the wet shirt can permanently damage the furnishing and the lodging will charge you for damages.

The Lewis N. Clark Travel Clothesline helps you to hang dry your clean laundry when you’re away from home.

Say goodbye to sour mildewing damp laundry and hello to fresh smelling dry clean clothes.

Triple Braid Design
No Clothes Pins Needed

The triple-braided design holds clothing without clothespins.

“The charm of this product is that it is not a single clothesline, but rather a woven, stretchy plait -- you pull open a plait, stick a little bit of your sock in there, then *PRESTO* your sock hangs from the line WITH NO CLOTHESPIN NECESSARY!”  --H. Kelley

The black latex tubing stretches to 6 feet.

The black latex tubing stretches to 6 feet. 

“The corded material is soft and non-staining, so it doesn't damage delicates and it's easy to use . . . Have on my packing list for next vacation!"  --S. Jordan

                                                “Super fast and easy to hang clothes."  --R. R.                                                                                       

Velcro ends
Straps attach to towel bars, etc.

Adjustable straps have Velcro ends, which attach to towel bars, showerheads, hooks, doorknobs, window latches and more.

"Forget the suction cups. The Velcro allows this line to be strung across hotel bathtubs, towel rack to shower head or shower rod to shower head, and camping, from the "window" to the door opening. Has some stretch, and you do not need to twist your clothes to hang them. My cotton socks dried in a few hours and they were just lopped over the line, which is thick and allows air to move through the clothes. This was the third clothesline I bought on Amazon and it is the best."  --N. L. S.

"Love this thing beyond reason! This thing rocks! I've been using travel clotheslines since the beginning of time and they don't vary all that much, except for the ones that just plain don't work. The great thing about this one is the Velcro option - never had that before and it really saves the day. This is a must have if you're on an extended trip, might want to bring another brand too just so you have options."  --R. C.                                                                                                                           

Suction Cups

Includes suction cups for attachment to shower stalls, windows, mirrors and walls.

"It stuck at either end as advertised and did the job. That says it all."  --C. Overgaard

"I went on a cruise to the Galápagos Islands for a week. And then to Peru and Machu Picchu for the next week. Laundry services were not going to be available.  So, I got a bunch of quick drying clothes and bought two of these clothes lines.  I used the suction cups and stuck one end on the mirror in my cabin and I stuck the other end on the side wall (smooth laminate surface). I wet the suction cups before I stuck them. The clothes lines stayed put throughout the whole week Galapagos cruise. There were times when I draped some wet clothes over the lines and I was afraid that they would be too heavy, but the clothesline held fast.  I am glad I purchased these clothes lines and would recommend them to anyone."  --C.

Stows in its own pouch

Stows away in its own self-contained pouch with Velcro closure, no parts to lose, and it weighs only 2 ounces.

Took up minimal space in our luggage and really lightweight. An essential piece of travel equipment!  I'm excited to try it camping next summer as well."  --A. KutHart

“It is very light and takes up little packing space.  I am tempted to get another one.”  --B.

“Takes up no room in a suitcase or back pack."  --S. Allen                                                                      

Lewis N. Clark™ Travel Clothesline

The Lewis N. Clark™ Travel Clothesline is a great value.

“When traveling, folds and packs up in a very compact manner. Based on price at Amazon, it's the best value vs. brick and mortar options. Highly recommended."  --T. J.                                             

"I backpacked for a month in Europe and this clothesline was fantastic! Some of the travelers I met were very jealous of it and one even offered to buy it from me."  --J. Pond

Recommended by Tourism Professionals

"I’ve had my eye on a latex tubing clothesline for a while now, but this was the first time I’ve used one. I always thought it was a bit of a gimmick to be truthful, because I kept thinking that the rubber braid would just sag with the weight of the wet clothes. Honestly – it worked. I’m not sure that I would trust the suction cups to hold up the clothesline and heavy wet items, but at least you have the other two attachment options for extra security."

--Mary Chong,

"Lewis N. Clark has just about everything a traveler would need, whether a thru-trail hiker or an urban adventurer . . . To keep clean and save money, I will wash my clothes in the sink or shower, and then hang them on this latex clothesline, which can be strung outside, in the bathroom, or across my bunk. And I don’t have to waste precious suitcase space by bringing clothespins. The braided latex will pinch clothes into place. When combined with my moisture-wicking and quick-drying clothing, I won’t have to worry about wet OR smelly clothes!"

--Jessica Lippe,

AAA Travel Store

Lewis N. Clark Latex Travel Clothesline

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See Why Tourists are Excited!

"This is a traveler's must have. I've used it several times in my travels. I don't like to pack too many clothes, I like to hand wash my clothes and I don't like to pay for laundry so this clothesline is my solution. I use the suction cups a lot and for the most part they do hold in place so long as you're not hanging jeans and heavy towels or sweaters, or anything heavy. They have held up my underwear, socks, tank tops, shirts, swimming shorts with ease. I like that I don't have to put the clothes over the line, but instead pinch them through the braided rubber clothesline. I pack this with me all the time. Highly recommended!"


*WARNING:  If you are allergic to latex you shouldn't buy this.

When it comes to drying your laundry on a travel clothesline, whether you’re on the road, sailing by sea or taking to the air, the tips and tricks of the trade, and the tools you use, are the same.

If you’re like me, you don’t like all the work of packing more than you need . . . you travel light.

It’s why packing a roll of clothesline twine and a bunch of clothespins is cumbersome, bulky and unwieldy with lots of pieces to keep track of, and doesn’t pack nicely at all.

When you need to dry your clothes in a hotel, RV or campground, then a specially designed clothesline, like the Lewis N. Clark™ Travel Clothesline, is what you need to get the job done.

Drying your Clothes with a Travel Clothesline is Quick & Easy

  1. Secure the travel clothesline where there is good air circulation.
  2. Wring the water from freshly laundered clothes.
  3. Roll wet clothes tightly in a microfiber towel and wring to extract excess water.
  4. Shake out wrinkles.
  5. Insert shirt tail, socks or shorts corners into clothesline braid.
  6. Drape skirts, dress pants and intimates over top of latex cord.
  7. Smooth wrinkles as you go.

Tips for Wrinkle-Free Quick & Easy Clothes Drying

On road trips, hang the travel clothesline across the back seat of the car, hooking it to the clothes hanger hooks above each rear door.
  • Avoid packing cotton clothes; they dry slowly and wrinkle.
  • Avoid wool clothes; they dry very slowly.
  • Pack clothes specially designed for travel:  light weight, wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking and quick dry.
  • Choose high-tech clothing according to the season, weather and conditions you will be traveling in.
  • Avoid packing heavy, bulky items; layer to keep warm.
  • Wear pants, skirts, and outer layers more than once before laundering, and only launder when your clothes no longer pass the sniff/smell test.
  • If you don’t have access to hotel towels, pack a light weight, quick drying microfiber towel set.  Choose a set that comes in a nylon mesh zipper bag with a hanging loop.  The mesh bag doubles as a laundry bag or a drip dry bag for delicate garments.  A good set will include an extra-large bath towel that can double as a picnic blanket or a swimsuit cover-up, a regular size hand towel and a generous washcloth. Pick a color that won’t show dirt or stains, such as brown or black.
  • Consider adding a thirsty shammy cloth to your travel gear; it will come in handy for wringing clothes dry.  Shammy cloths dry quickly and are ready to use the next day.
  • Shower in the evenings before you hand wash your laundry, and then your towels and clothing will hang over night and be dry in the morning.
  • Hang clothes where air circulates, near open windows, running air conditioners or heaters, in front of fans or air vents, outdoors in the shade (to prevent fabrics from fading and latex clothesline deterioration) and in a breeze.
  • If clothes are slightly damp in the morning, use a hotel or travel iron, or a travel hair dryer to finish them off.  This is especially helpful in humid climates where clothes take much longer to dry.
  • On road trips, hang the travel clothesline across the back seat of the car, hooking it to the clothes hanger hooks above each rear door.  Crack the back windows to allow air to flow over the clothes to dry them.
  • If it’s hot out, wear the clothing damp to stay cool.

I love the carabiner; it clips to my favorite bag!

I love the carabiner.
It clips to my favorite bag.

Each Lewis N. Clark™ Travel Clothesline packs so nicely into its own pocket and effortlessly tucks into your luggage, backpack or coat pocket; almost weightless.

This travel clothesline is just the right size for those who pack light into carry-on size luggage or backpack, and are likely handwashing some laundry just about every night.

I recommend purchasing one for each traveler in your group, so you have enough clotheslines to meet your laundry needs.

In our small RV we often travel to wilderness locations where there are no facilities such as expensive laundromats or travel trailer hookups.  This is called boondocking or dry camping.

Because our travel trailer is so compact, there is no room to bring large bulky items, such as a bottle of laundry detergent from home, a roll of twine, a bunch of clothespins or a folding clothes rack.  Moreover, many campgrounds and wilderness areas forbid tying clotheslines to trees.

The Lewis N. Clark™ Travel Clothesline is perfect for trips like this.  I hang things over the shower rod and hook up my travel clothesline inside the shower for extra drying space.

Our small RV is an extremely lightweight model so we save on fuel when on the road.  Everything we pack in it meets our specifications for “lightweight”, “compact” and “multipurpose”.

This little travel clothesline fits our standard.

It’s Priced Right, so Affordable!


I was pleasantly surprised to have received a quality product I quickly found to be indispensable.  So much so, I keep a travel clothesline packed in my survival gear.

For those who prefer to pack light, this is the travel clothesline for them.  The compact pocket is, 4¼ x 7½ x 1½ inches, weighs 2 ounces and is made of high quality rip-stop nylon and nylon mesh that packs and travels well.

Mine took quite a beating on a long business trip to Las Vegas, Nevada USA and came home looking brand new.

The thoughtful design allows the travel clothesline to easily lay between layers in carry-on luggage, fit in a day-pack, backpack or coat pocket, or pack inside a collapsible laundry basket or travel laundry bag.

It takes up no room at all in your travel bag and has accompanied travelers on long trips all over the world, including on cruises.

To keep travel laundry chores simple, plan to hand wash every day or two.  I keep up by washing my clothes as soon as they are dirty.  This way, all my travel clothes, except the ones I am wearing, are clean, always packed and ready to go.

Get your Lewis N. Clark™ Travel Clothesline, and then add in a travel laundry kit, a microfiber towel, a portable hair dryer, quick-dry socks and clothes, and you are good to go anywhere!

*Note:  I am a brand ambassador for Lewis N. Clark™.  They asked me to evaluate some of their travel products.  In return for this product review I received a free Travel Clothesline to field test while on road trips.

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