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What are YOUR Road Trip Stories?  Share them!

Updated March 20, 2017

Dear Friends, is all about road trip stories, excursions, explorations, adventures . . . and misadventures, too!

Remember when we followed the Snake River upstream from its mouth at the Columbia River in Washington State to its source in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming?

Or the marvelous trek we took over the Rocky Mountains via the San Juan Skyway in Colorado, and then the white knuckle ride down the Million Dollar Highway?

What about the incredible waterfalls we saw when hiking in the spectacular Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Oregon?

Wonderful memories, all of them . . . so unforgettable!

Now, it is YOUR TURN to Tell Great Road Trip Stories!

I would love to hear about YOUR entertaining vacation stories, memorable ventures, interesting happenings, what you saw and did, travel tips, destinations ideas . . . anything and everything “road trip” you would like to share.

If you love experiencing new and favorite places as much as I do, please share your stories with me!  I would love to add your road trip ideas to my “must-see” and “gotta-do” lists, and I know visitors to this website will enjoy your stories, too!

Use this page to share your road trip travels.  Scroll down to the bottom of this webpage or click here to skip down to the entry form.  After you submit your story I will publish it on its own webpage.

Not only can you share your stories, I would love to feature your travel journals and poetry, too.

Stay in touch with all things road trip through my Road Trip Explore! E-zine or through my Facebook page.

If you know someone who has great road trip tales to share, tell them about and invite them to submit their story for publication.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Cat McMahon

What are YOUR Road Trip Stories? Share Them!

Your story will be published on for others to enjoy.

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