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Road Trip Food:  What Every Traveler Needs to Know

Updated March 20, 2017.

Road Trip Food--What Every Traveler Needs to Know!

When we travel, we like to make road trip food part of the experience.  Because we more often than not, travel off-freeway touring scenic byways and backroads through areas devoid of towns big enough to have restaurants, we make do for most of our meals, fending for ourselves from our cooler and the groceries we pack to take along with us.  

A quick breakfast in our motel room or on the road, a picnic lunch pulled from our backpack while hiking trails and snacks to keep us going between times, means more time seeing the sights and doing the things we love.  The best benefit is we stay healthier and feel better throughout the trip.

After experimenting with different ways to meet our dinner needs, we discovered we didn't need restaurant food every evening. A stroll through a locally owned market or grocery store usually turns up some pretty interesting meals and some ideas for the next day’s eats as well.

the journey begins here . . . live the adventure!

Road Trip Food

Click on the links below to discover sensational dining, recipes, food ideas, tips and resources.

What makes a road trip food experience a memory?

We save the largest percentage of our road trip food budget for those “great” restaurants that make our trip especially memorable.  Part of the road trip fun is discovering these tasty gems, and then savoring the experience.  

Consider using a road trip planner to find a restaurant to try.

It's about stepping inside the restaurant door and being welcomed by appetizing aromas, intriguing surroundings, a clear concept and a cheerful staff.

The place exudes atmosphere.  You can feel the mood.

An attractive menu features a creative mix of enticing selections.  For me, that means a few well thought out gluten-free choices; even better, a culinary adventure, or two.

We are served promptly, our order taken.  After a reasonable wait, we are delighted with a pleasing presentation and mouthwatering food.

Mm-mm.  It tastes so good!

We enjoy the meal so much we barely notice our competent server slipping in and out, serving our needs as the delicious experience unfolds.

Great conversation coupled with a nice drink, albeit alcohol based, or not . . . our culinary experience becomes a rich memory not soon forgotten.

Those are the great eats, the adventures that win a mention here at; the enduring establishments of gastronomic satisfaction and unforgettable taste.

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