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Road Trip Destinations--How to Find Places to See & Things to Do

Road Trip Destinations--How to Find Places to See & Things to Do

Updated May 21, 2018.

The vacation dates are set.  Your road trip destinations are chosen.  The money is set aside.  Now is the time to decide what places you want to see and what things you want do on your next vacation.

the journey begins here . . . live the adventure!

Listed below are ideas you might use to find what you are looking for.

Open a Coffee Table Book

Many of these beautiful books are filled with spectacular photographs of incredible places to see.

Some highlight things to do, as well.

Check Your Running List

Remember that list of places to see and things to do you stuffed in the back of your planner, in your file drawer, on your computer, cell phone or other personal electronic device?

Now is the time to search and find it.

Go to the Library

Peruse travel books and magazines for places to see and things to do.

Discover Online Tools

Websites, such as, and feature tools to help travelers choose places to see and things to do.

Join an Online Road Trip Forum

Connect with other road trip aficionados who can personally recommend great places to see and fun things to do.

Be Impulsive

Pack up, hit the road and make spontaneous stops along the way at intriguing sites, parks, vistas, historical markers, shops, museums, scenic turnouts attractions and anywhere else that teases your need to discover and explore.

Look at a Map

Follow the route to your destination, choosing places to see and things to do along the way, at your destination and on the return trip home.

. . . Road Trip Destinations . . . More Ideas . . .

Reenact a Journey

Using a favorite novel, movie or history book, stop at all the places to see en-route and do all the things the characters and historical figures did.

Get Inspired

Google Images, Instagram and Pinterest are chock full of stunning travel photography and ideas of places to see and things to do.

Ask Friends, Family or Strangers

What places to see and things to do would they recommend?

Where would they go?

What would they see?

What would they do?

Consult Online Travel Authorities

Popular favorites are AAA,, and; all feature exciting places to see and incredible things to do.

Many travel authorities have pre-planned road trip packages available.

Pull from Your Travel Collection

Sift through all those photos, brochures and clippings you saved in that shoe-box on the top shelf of your bedroom closet for places to see and things to do along the route you've planned to your destination.

Celebrate Your Favorite Culture

Choose places to see and things to do that resonate the culture you wish to experience.

Can’t afford France?

See the French Quarter in New Orleans, Dulac and Baton Rouge in Louisiana.

Go to Mardi Gras or feast on French cuisine.

Get a Travel Guidebook

Use travel guides as inspirational material from which to develop your own ideas of places to see and things to do.

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