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Secure Your Valuables while Traveling using Retractable Cable Locks

Secure Your Valuables while Traveling using Retractable Cable Locks

Use retractable cable locks and quit worrying about your luggage, skis or other valuables, so you can really enjoy yourself on your next road trip or high adventure.

There's nothing worse than momentarily setting your luggage down at your side so you can give your much needed attention elsewhere, and then when you are done, you turn and discover your valuables have been stolen!

This happened to me while visiting the Ladies Room at an airport during a layover.

I hung my backpack beneath my coat on the hook inside the stall, keeping my eye on them while taking care of personal business.

Suddenly, a hand reached over the top of the door and grabbed my coat!

I grasped the end of my coat as it was slipping over the top of the door and gave it a hard yank, and at the same time, I hollered, "Stop!  Thief!"

Lame words, I know, but my resistance and yelling were enough to catch the thief off guard and she ran off.

Afterwards, while I was cleaning up at a sink, other travelers thanked me for putting them on alert.

During a long layover at a huge global airline hub, one of my friends was quickly relieved of his computer bag when he turned to greet his travel companion.

He said, "It was gone in the blink of an eye and no one saw it happen!"

Another friend slung their favorite jacket on a chair in a restaurant.

It was one of those wonderful travel jackets designed to replace a personal carryon when flying, lots of secure pockets and built in RFID.

While he was enjoying great conversation and a delicious meal, a thief took advantage of the diversion to lift that jacket.

On just about every trip or adventure, the unexpected happens whether or not you are prepared for it, but one of the worst is when something you need is stolen.

The fun is ruined.  The trip is ends.

Sometimes, even if you think you've exercised every precaution, clever thieves can somehow manage to steal your stuff!

Lewis N. Clark Retractable Cable Locks help you thwart grab and go thieves when you are away from home.

Say goodbye to anxiety and quit fretting about losing your stuff, and hello to worry-free travel.

You get an easy to reset 3-dial combination lock.

You get an easy to reset 3-dial combination lock with a 30 inch braided stainless steel cable, coated so it won't harm any finish it comes into contact with, making it perfect for latching a group of items together and securing them to an anchored object.

"3/16" Cable length is adjustable. Push the button and pull out the cable and release at your desired length. However when it is locked the cable cannot be adjusted."  --Chris

"Price and Quality!  Love these! Purchased to lock up our liqueur from our teenage kids. Works great! So easy to reset combo we change it every week just to keep'em on their toes!"  --Damien

It has a comfortable bright colored thermoplastic rubber grip.

The tough ABS housing takes what a trip can through at it and sports a comfortable bright colored thermoplastic rubber grip that really stands out on a luggage carousel.

"Good flexible durable lock I use to lock up my snowboard on the hills. Much more flexible than the typical snow/ski lock.  Used it a good 5 times and no issues so far.


- Long chain so i can lock up to 3 snowboards to the rack on the hills. Much more convenient and flexible than the typical snowboard lock

- All the mechanism feels premium


None so far!"  --Hymen

The featherweight compact design makes it super packable.

The featherweight compact design makes it super packable, taking up no space at all in your travel wallet or pocket so you can keep it handy when you need it most.

"Very Light and Super Useful.  I just did a solo travel around Southeast Asia . . . Especially, useful on the train to walk around stations when it stops . . .  And also at some cheap hotel to tied it down . . . I also use as luggage lock . . . Well worth the price."  --WM

Recommended by Travel Professionals

"What I loved about this Lewis N. Clark Retractable Cable Lock is the flexible 30 inch braided stainless steel wire. It makes it ideal should you need to secure your suitcase or secure a group of bags together to a pole or bench in a busy train station. It also solves my lock situation on my Burton bag in that I can string the cable through all 3-zipper pulls and lock them all together. It is easy to set/reset the combination and is very easy to lock/unlock and retract the cable."

--Mary Chong,

Lewis N. Clark Retractable Cable Locks

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See Why Travelers are Excited!

"I bought it to secure our medicine cabinet in the kitchen, and to keep dangerous things out of our kids' reach. It works wonderfully on our knobs and doors, and they're pretty sturdy. After trying every single "baby proofing" lock, this is the only one reliable enough for me."

When it comes to travel security, whether you're hitting the road, sailing the high seas or flying the friendly skies, the tools and travel tips you use are the same.

If you’re like me, no matter what your mode of transportation might be, you prefer to travel light.

It's why packing a standard cable and a separate lock is bulky, cumbersome and unwieldy, not to mention difficult to use; it is hard to keep a heavy lock and thick cable ready at hand and they don't fit in a pocket or small travel purse.

When you need to take your hands off your luggage and valuables, and at the same time keep them secure, then simple to use devices, like Lewis N. Clark's™ Retractable Cable Locks, are what you need to get the job done.

Using Retractable Cable Locks is Quick & Easy

Retractable Cable Locks Instructions

To Set Your Combination

  1. Turn the dials until the numbers, 0-0-0, align with the indicated Guide Line.
  2. Move the Reset Button to the upper right, and then set the dials to the combination you desire.
  3. Replace the Reset Button back to its original position; your new combination is now set.

To Lock Your Retractable Cable Lock

  1. Press the Cable Trigger button and pull the cable to the desired length.
  2. Insert the Cable Head into the Locking Port until you hear a "click" sound.
  3. Spin the dials, scrambling the combination.

To Unlock Your Retractable Cable Lock

  1. Turn the dials, aligning the numbers of your combination with the Guide Line.
  2. Press the Release Button to unlock the cable.
  3. Hold down the Cable Trigger to fully retract the cable.
  4. CAUTION!  To avoid pain or injury, keep hands free of the cable return path when retracting cable, as the mechanism is spring-loaded and the cable rebound can snap back.

I love the bright color, the low profile and how it fits in my hand; super fuss free!

Lewis N. Clark Retractable Cable Lock

Lewis N. Clark™ Retractable Locks pack so nicely and they effortlessly tuck into your travel bag, backpack or coat pocket.

The compact size is just right for those who wish to pack light.

Since we’ve received our retractable cable locks, we have found them useful to secure all kinds of things, such as our wilderness backpacks, bicycles, helmets, and other outdoor gear.

We have even used them to secure our kitty's cat carrier and camera bags when we step away from the car to take photos nearby, and to lock up the zipper on our tent when camping.

I recommend purchasing one for every travel companion in your group and another to keep on hand at home.

Whether we fly, road trip or go camping in our small RV, everything we pack meets our specifications for “lightweight”, “compact” and “multipurpose”.

These retractable cable locks fit our standard.

They are Priced Right, a Terrific Value


I was wonderfully surprised to have received quality products I quickly found to be indispensable.

So much so, they have become a packing essential that travels with me on every trip.

For those who prefer to pack light, these are the retractable cables locks for them.

The small profile measures 1 3/4 x 3 1/2 x 3/4 inches, weighs 2 ounces and is made of high quality ABS construction and Thermoplastic rubber that packs and travels well.

Mine took quite a beating on a long business trip to Las Vegas, Nevada USA and came home looking brand new.

The thoughtful design allows these retractable cable locks to easily fit into a day-pack, backpack or coat pocket, or pack inside any collapsible tote or packable bag.

Compact and lightweight, they are perfect for extensive trips around the world and on cruises.

To deter naughty 'grab and go' thieves, never leave your luggage or valuables unattended, even when locked up.

Invest in anti-theft luggage, backpacks, totes, purses and wallets.

Use money belts or RFID protected hidden travel wallets.

Use quality luggage locks on all your bags.  Pack extra lock keys in a secure secret place and give a key to your travel companion for safe keeping, just in case your original keys get lost.

Stash away an extra set of luggage locks and keys just in case your luggage locks break while in transient.  (This has happened to us on more than one trip.)

Rethink your travel wardrobe and purchase specially designed clothing with built-in security pockets and RFID protection.

NEVER hang anything on the hooks of stall doors in public restrooms.

Get your Lewis N. Clark™ Retractable Cable Locks, pack up, and then you are good to go anywhere!

*Note:  Lewis N. Clark™ invited me to be a brand ambassador and to field test and evaluate some of their products.  In return for this product review, I received a free retractable cable lock, which I carry with me everywhere I go, even when I'm not traveling.  Security is that important to me.

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