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How to Choose Personal Travel Security Anti-Theft Protection Gear

Are you concerned about your personal travel security when away from home? | How to Choose Personal Travel Security Anti-Theft Protection Gear |

Updated May 21, 2018

Are you concerned about your personal travel security when away from home?

Do you wonder about what you can do to protect yourself and your personal belongings while en route to your destination and while you tour unforgettable sights?

Have you taken action to prevent pick-pocket thieves from lifting your passport, credit cards and cash?

What have you done to prevent electronic identity theft?

Do you have what you need to protect yourself from muggers or other more personal crimes?

If you are looking for answers to solve these problems, then you have come to the right place!

We have done the research to help you find the best gear available to secure your valuables and your person against the more common travel thefts.

Bookmark this webpage to return to time and again when you need gear that helps you stay secure with peace of mind so you can enjoy traveling worry-free.

The Best Personal Travel Security Uses Layers of Protection:
Anti-Theft, Slash-Resistant, RFID Protection

The Best Personal Travel Security Gear Combines Innovative Safety, Thoughtful Function and Tasteful Design

From the skin out, there are layers of protection to suit just about every personal security need.

Such layers include, undercover wearables, clothing with built-in security features and RFID protection, concealed carry clothing, wallets, bags, daypacks and carry-on luggage.

At first glance, the list may seem daunting, even budget busting.

Rethink your point of view.

The cost of a ruined vacation of a lifetime because you were the victim of theft, or worse, is much, much more than money value.

There are emotional and well-being damages far more reaching that no amount of money can fix.

This is why it is so important to have the gear you need to prevent such happenings.

How to Get the Personal Travel Security Gear You Want


Think of personal travel security gear as inexpensive insurance designed to mitigate what might otherwise be a terrible contingency.

The cost is spread over many trips.

If you choose to make the gear a part of your daily lifestyle, as we do, then the cost becomes more minimized with each use.

Be reassured, there are ways to achieve the level of personal travel security you want without investing more money than you have to start with.

First, assess your personal travel security problems and list them.

Then, prioritize by putting your most immediate personal travel security problem at the top of the list.

Make a plan to set aside the amount of money you need to purchase the gear that best mitigates your highest priority problem.

Repeat for the next listed problem, until, over time, you have purchased all the solutions to satisfy your security needs.

Another way to acquire what you need is to purchase gear as you go.

Whenever a piece of travel gear needs replacing, spend a little extra to purchase personal travel security items; they are usually higher in quality, longer lasting and in the long run can save a lot of money.

Because we are so frugal, one way we acquire items we want, but would normally not purchase for ourselves, is to put them on a gift wish list.

When the next birthday or favorite gift-giving holiday arrives, we are over-the-top delighted to receive a thoughtful gift of something we have always wanted to have.

The Best Personal Travel Security Gear Combines
Innovative Safety, Thoughtful Function and Tasteful Design

ScotteVest Travel Clothing


We're talking minimalist gear that keeps you traveling light and hands-free so you can enjoy your trip; low profile gear that blends in with the crowd and appears to function just like any other ordinary backpack, bag, wallet or clothing.

Though constructed of tough materials and designed to take the wear and tear of adventurous travel, this understated gear is easily and comfortably worn, yet its sophisticated simplicity is quite attractive.

While on the road, your personal travel security gear goes everywhere with you, never leaves your side and is kept close at hand when you eat and while you sleep, just in case.

If you take your personal security seriously, consider making this gear a permanent part of your mobile lifestyle, like we do.

What to Look for in a Terrific Personal Travel Security Carry-on Backpack


Whether you are flying the friendly skies, speeding through crowded subways, tramping cobbled streets or trekking to a wilderness lodge, your backpack should meet all the situations and circumstances you travel in.

Comfort is Important

A personal travel security backpack should fit your body properly.

Choose one that feels good when you try it on; it should feel like it was custom made for your body.

The bottom of the backpack should rest no more than 4 inches below your waist line, at the small of your back and should evenly distribute weight across your body, taking pressure of your back and shoulders.

A good backpack will have wide padded shoulder straps, a sternum strap and a waist belt contoured to fit comfortably and it will distribute weight evenly.

Organization is Important

Choose a carry-on backpack with easy-to-access space.

The main compartment should be roomy enough to hold your travel clothing, toiletry kit and a few extra essentials.

Thoughtful organization should be worked into the overall design, such as padded pockets for laptop computers, cameras and/or other personal electronic devices.

Look for convenient pockets to secure the travel essentials you need when you are on the go, such as maps, books or magazines, snacks and a water bottle.

Color is Important

Remember, dark colors, such as black, charcoal gray, brown and navy blue hide dirt, and the wear and tear of travel better than light colors.

Dark colors also blend into the crowd very well, making you less of a target for would-be thieves.

Weight is Important


Keep it light to reduce fatigue and prevent strained muscles.

Travel Tip

Sometimes it is nice to have an extra bag on hand to carry souvenirs or other travel purchases; tuck a packable anti-theft backpack inside your carry-on or daypack to have on hand when you need it.

Start with a very light dry weight.

Then, pack quick-dry clothing and gear specially designed for lightweight travel.

Make sure the backpack meets the carry-on specifications for most airlines, so you are good to go anywhere, anytime and by any mode of travel.

Security is Important

Determine the security features you will need for the kind of travel you do.

Look for locking zippers, pick-pocket proof pockets, built-in grab-and-go theft prevention, slash and weather resistant body and straps, and RFID protection for your personal identification and credit cards.

Multi-Purpose is Important


For adventurers, everything needs to serve multi-purpose needs.

Carry-on backpacks with personal travel security features have been designed with adventurers in mind.

Tough construction coupled with high tech materials and special design have yielded anti-theft carry-on backpacks that go with adventurers from airplane overhead cabin storage and crowded city sidewalks to wilderness hikes and rugged outback treks.

Some manufacturers offer additional anti-theft add-ons to meet specific packing needs, such as those travelers who need to secure cameras, electronics and other special gear.

Why You Need an Anti-Theft Daypack


In our experience, an anti-theft daypack is our most indispensable personal travel security gear when it comes to being prepared for the unexpected.

Travel Tip

When using an anti-theft daypack as personal carry-on item, wear it on front while carrying your carry-on backpack on your back.

Not only will you stay hands-free, all your belongings will remain as secure as possible.

We each keep one packed with the essentials we need to survive anything life has to throw at us whenever we leave home, plus select personal comfort items, whether we are on the road touring our nation's natural wonders or doing weekly household errands.

So vital are our daypacks, we keep them packed and ready at all times, and sleep with them at night within reach of our beds, so we can grab-and-go in an instant's notice.

To learn more read, 10 Reasons Why You Should Always Travel with a Packable Bag.

Apply the same recommendations to choosing a good anti-theft daypack as you would a carry-on backpack.

For the most flexibility, choose an anti-theft daypack that meets airline specifications for personal carry-on items.

Space is Important

Choose a daypack with enough space to contain travel necessities:

book or reading device

camera & gear

cell phone & charger






matches or fire starter


notebook & pen

packable raincoat

snacks or lunch sack


sweater or shawl

travel first aid kit

travel survival kit


water bottle

In some instances you may want to choose a daypack large enough to store a shoulder bag in.

Packability is Important


If traveling light is important, select a packable anti-theft daypack.

Most feature pick-pocket prevention with locking zippers and have slash resistant panels.

Note:  not all packable anti-theft daypacks come with slash resistant shoulder straps or built in RFID protection.


For added security, store your identification and credit cards in RFID card envelopes.


Tuck a retractable cable lock inside the packable daypack so you can secure the daypack to a post or chair in order to deter grab-and-go thieves.

To learn more read, Secure Your Valuables while Traveling using Retractable Cable Locks.

Travelon 42859 Anti-Theft Classic Light Backpack


If traveling light is not an issue, consider a more substantial anti-theft daypack with more security features than a packable daypack.


These daypacks have more personal travel security features, including slash resistant shoulder straps, built in RFID pockets and specially designed storage for camera gear or laptop computers and other electronic devices.

What You Need in a Cross-Body or Shoulder Bag


Just like personal travel security carry-on backpacks and daypacks, look for bags with locking zippers, slash resistant construction and straps, built-in RFID protection and the ability to cable the bag to a chair or post to deter grab-and-go-thieves.

When traveling light, a simple but thoughtfully designed packable anti-theft cross-body/shoulder bag will get the job done.

For best security, choose an understated color that blends in with the crowd and whenever possible, wear a shoulder bag, cross-body.

Convertibility is Important


Different travel situations call for flexibility.

That is when an anti-theft convertible bag, one that can quickly go from a shoulder or cross-body bag to a daypack, can make a difference.

Travelon Anti-Theft Concealed Carry Tour Bag


For travelers who wish an added layer of security and don't mind nixing a daypack for an anti-theft cross-body bag, consider a concealed carry tour bag . . . 


. . . or a slimmer messenger style bag.

These bags have pockets designated for personal protection items, such a hand gun and ammunition, pepper spray, micro-flashlight, pocket knife, a cell phone and charger, and have plenty of room for other personal items necessary for a day filled with sightseeing.

Reasons Why You Should Carry an Anti-Theft Wallet

Sometimes small layers of personal travel security are important to keep close at hand.

Imagine an evening of fine dining overlooking a romantic river walk or a night at the ballet.

These are venues where bulky personal protection, such as a packable daypack, or a cross-body bag are not acceptable evening wear.


Gentlemen may prefer a dressy pick-pocket proof belt wallet.


A handsome leather wallet with built-in RFID protection can be slipped into the front pocket of men's slacks.


Ladies might enjoy a fine leather wristlet or a classy clutch, which can do double-duty as a wallet for daytime excursions.

Always choose a clutch with a wrist strap so you can function hands-free when necessary and to deter grab-and-go thieves.

*Note:  I am a brand ambassador for Lewis N. Clark.  They approached me about evaluating some of their travel products.  Thus, I received a free a "RFID-Blocking Fine Leather Wristlet" to field test in return for this product review.

Personal Travel Security Clothing Keeps Your Valuables Close

Global Travel Clothing Joey Travel Jacket


Add a layer of security by packing travel clothing with built-in security.

With the advent of high tech fibers and wrinkle resistant quick-dry fabrics, a carefully planned wardrobe of travel clothing can go from boardroom to elegant evening entertainment or from city streets to wilderness outback in minutes, with a mere tweak of choice accessories.

Choose clothing with pick-pocket proof pockets, invisible closures and RFID protection.

Travel Tip

Keep your most important valuables secured on your person in hidden pockets with closures, such as cash, credit cards, passport, keys and essential medications.

It is much easier for a thief to take off with your luggage and bags, than it is to part you from the clothing you wear.

Explore some purveyors of quality clothing to meet your personal travel security needs:


Rohan Designs

Royal Robbins


Tilley Endurables


Zip It Gear

If more security is desired and it is appropriate, pack concealed carry clothing.

This amazing clothing is specially designed to look like any other garment, even when loaded with arms and ammunition.

Explore some purveyors of quality concealed carry clothing:

ScotteVest Concealed Carry

Silver State Apparel

The Best Personal Travel Security is Stashed Undercover

Out of sight is out of mind and the deeper your most valued possessions are buried in layers, the harder they are for thieves to pilfer.

Travel Tip

Keep a couple of large safety pins tucked inside your undercover stash.  

They can be used to secure the stash inside a pocket or to another article of clothing, such as a coat or dress jacket, or to pin the zipper tabs closed for an extra layer of security.

Like quality long underwear protects a body in freezing weather, personal travel security worn next to the skin underneath your clothing can foil the sticky fingers of pick-pockets.

Undercover stashes come in many styles to suit many different comfort needs.

It is important to pick a style and fabric you can wear thoughtlessly, just like you do your everyday under-garments and socks.

Choose a color that blends with your skin tone or with the base color of your travel wardrobe.


Look for built-in features, such as RFID protection, anti-moisture construction, organization, accessibility and how it attaches to your body or clothing.

How to be a Savvy Traveler

How to be a Savvy Traveler

Personal travel security is more than just the specially designed gear you have.

It is a state of mind.


Be prepared.

Deliberately choose the layers of protection you need to stay safe and secure in every circumstance, whether at home or abroad.

Stay informed about the latest travel scams and anti-theft technology.

Always use good travel practices to protect yourself.

Know your destination before you go.

Never travel alone.

Never travel to unsafe locations, especially at night.

At all times, be aware and alert.

Never sit with your back to a door.

Always have an escape route and a back-up plan.

Trust your gut and your senses (some people call this, "instinct") and act on them; heed your body's warning mechanisms.

If in doubt, escape immediately; you can ask questions or beg for forgiveness later.  (Long ago we quit apologizing, because we discovered our gut/senses were right 99% of the time.

We also quit asking questions, because we found we didn't really want to "know", let alone truly "need" to know.)

Choose not be a victim.

Develop confidence, a bold mind-set, a purposeful posture and a don't-mess-with-me stride.

Know self-defense and learn how to use anything as a weapon in order to defend yourself.

Thieves and other nefarious encroachers target people who are easily intimidated.

If confronted, use surprise to disarm their evil intentions and spoil their plans; create a ruckus and make lots of noise to attract attention and confuse them; fight back with everything you have got until you can escape to safety.

Remember, the battle is for the mind; never, ever allow yourself to be consumed by fear, because if you do, then the bad guys will have won.

Now, You are Protected and Ready to Go

Now, You are Protected and Ready to Go

Once you have mastered a proper mind-set and have your personal travel safety gear packed, you are ready to see the world and handle the challenges of most any bucket list journey.

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