Are Your Earnings from Internet at a Dead End?  Hit the Road with Trafeze!

Updated March 20, 2017.

Sooner or later, successful online entrepreneurs ask themselves a crucial question, “Am I satisfied with my current earnings from internet business models?”

Like me, most website and blog owners shout, “NO!”  Their echoes can be heard from mountain tops around the world!

Read more . . . there is a way to overcome this obstacle!

Why are so many successful online business owners so dissatisfied?

Solo + Entrepreneur = Solopreneur

Many, many people start blogs and websites because they like to be their own boss.  They like the challenge of working alone, of being independent and self-reliant.  It’s exhilarating to fly solo, whether in a small airplane or in your own online business.  It’s an even more thrilling journey when you can make a living doing what you love most!

Imagine making money while you travel!

As traffic to solopreneur websites grows and their online businesses succeed, there comes a point where a pivotal decision needs to be made.

It’s about orienting the “business” compass to the most desired destination.  More importantly, it is about a significant defining moment in a solopreneur’s life!

Does the solopreneur settle for the diminishing earnings from internet passive income models, such as Amazon’s affiliate program and Google’s Adsense?  Of course, these are the easiest money making strategies to install and manage on a website or blog.


Does the solopreneur leverage their assets, time and income, by hiring help, which comes with a new level of business risk, and is complex, at best.  Some entrepreneurs don’t mind managing employees or contract help, and they enjoy supporting their customers.  It is part of the business of product production and sales, a very lucrative monetization model with great income potential.

What if there was another earnings from internet concept designed for solopreneurs to substantially increase their income, simply and risk-free?

That’s Trafeze, a revolutionary monetization concept for online business owners, a valuable earnings from internet model, you’ll love. 

It’s simple.

Earn more.

It's FREE!

==>Click here to go to Trafeze to get started!

Do you need more information?  Here it is.

Trafeze is a network of website and blog owners with high-traffic, niche focused sites packed with excellent content, and other online entrepreneurs with quality products or services they want to sell more of.  Like a train or bus depot where travelers transfer to a "connecting" line to get to their desired destination, Trafeze is an online exchange, connecting both niche-related parties and facilitating income growing opportunities for both.

Trafeze is a win-win earnings from internet business strategy!

Entrepreneurs with products reach a larger audience in their niche and high traffic online business owners who use the passive monetization models increase their earnings on their otherwise under monetized websites.

Imagine all the promotions possibilities!  Marketing is more than paid ads pasted on the pages of websites and blogs.

Think big . . . sponsorships, social media, special format ads, Hello Bars, guest blogging and email marking, just to start.  There is so much more and Trafeze helps solopreneurs to get the deals done so they can make money fast!

The money-making road map is easy to follow.

No flat tires (catches or gotchas).

No Bondo™ filler (hidden agendas).

Sign up and create a FREE business listing.  Tell about your high traffic website or blog, who you are and with whom you would like to connect.

The information you submit will travel through Trafeze’s traffic algorithm.  Even if your online business does not qualify at first, it is not the end of the world.  Trafeze rescans all accounts on a regular basis.  On the day your online business grows enough to qualify, Trafeze will contact you to let you know.

Trafeze really is like the "latest in luxury travel" concept.

Combine FREE with quick identification of niche-appropriate partners, with the ability to customize a promotional program.

The destination?

Trafeze opens the door to opportunities to income flow for under-productive high traffic websites while helping product sellers build stronger, more targeted marketing campaigns with better return on investment (ROI).

It empowers solopreneurs using passive monetization models to take back control of their businesses, and it enables entrepreneurs with products and services to sell to discover many new high-traffic opportunities.

The idea is similar to Uber; except under-monetized vehicles are websites and disgruntled passengers who want a better trip for a good price are traffic buyers.  You might call Trafeze, “The Uber of Monetization”.

Remember, Trafeze is FREE.  No upfront fees.  No commissions.  No charges of any kind!  Let Google and Amazon’s eat dust.

There is no risk.  Just keep your current monetization model in place, and then blend in Trafeze for a while.  Soon, you’ll see a change for the better and you’ll trade up to the new model, full-time with Trafeze.

Nothing to lose . . . everything to gain!

Sign Up Today!

Catch the Wave! . . . Trafeze!

NOTE:  Solopreneurs with high traffic websites can create their business listing right now.  Traffic buyers and entrepreneurs with products and services can register intent, highly recommended.  You will be among the ground-breaking beta testers to complete the first deals and benefit!

Your free business listing provides your website’s address and information.  Be sure to include your social network profiles, which establishes two more points, 

  • It creates a more complete picture of your online presence
  • It informs potential “Traffic Buyers” that you are a force in Social Media site x, y or z, whichever URLs you enter.

IMPORTANT:  Trafeze runs each channel through a “social algorithm”.  Each social listing must pass its specific test to be listed.

TIP:  Enter all your social channels, even the ones you doubt would pass.  If one or more of your social media do not pass, there is no penalty, no notice to the world that you failed your VINE application!  You have nothing to lose!

Finally, simply check the kind of promotions you are interested in:

  • Ad Placement
  • Partnership
  • Lead Generation
  • Hello Bar
  • Site Sponsorship
  • Email Marketing
  • Partnership
  • Joint Venture

There is NO obligation to accept any deal.  Pick and choose the best offer that works for you, and then make a deal!  You can even choose to pass up an offer and move on to the next one.  Trafeze is that simple!

Accept as many deals as you want, but use good business judgement when you do.  Don’t fill your website with glaring chrome, blinding your visitors to your valuable content, what they are looking for!  Instead, add a social media campaign for one Traffic Buyer, perhaps a site sponsorship for two others, maybe a joint venture email marketing campaign for a fourth . . . 

. . . that is a lot of income!  Choose wisely (follow the online help).

There is going to be a rating system . . . stars and reviews.

Trafeze focuses on not just being the ONLY system of its kind, but the best (no matter how many new start-ups try to compete)!

You’re traveling first class now, so follow the rules of exemplary conduct.  Be honorable and efficient.  Always be at your best.

What used to earn good income for website and blog owners, no longer does.  Take your business into the 21st century by creating a listing with Trafeze.

JOIN a distinctive group of exceptional solopreneurs and succeed. to sign up.  See you there!

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