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Avoid Baggage Fees When You Travel; Use a Digital Luggage Scale

Avoid Overweight Baggage Fees While You Travel; Use a Digital Luggage Scale

Updated May 28, 2018.

With a digital luggage scale and a little know how, you can quit wrestling with unwieldy bulk, struggling to get an accurate weight and worrying about if your travel bags are too heavy.

There’s nothing worse than setting your luggage on the scale at the airline counter only to discover it weighs more than you thought, making it subject to exorbitant overweight baggage fees!

Whether you know how to pack light or not, are journeying for the first time or are a seasoned traveler, or you are setting out on the trip of a lifetime or returning home from a bucket list destination . . . 

. . . whatever the reason, your luggage is too heavy and you are stuck paying expensive baggage fees or else your travel plans are spoiled.

It’s embarrassing to be caught unaware of your luggage’s weight when you go to check it in at the airline counter, especially if you don’t have the money in your travel budget to cover contingencies.

Even if you do have enough money to cover the unexpected expense, you’ll be dipping into funds earmarked for special travel enjoyment or you might have to give up a bucket list activity just so you can board your conveyance to your once-in-a-lifetime destination.

Even serious attempts to avoid paying overweight baggage can backfire.

Imagine the long lines of harried travelers impatiently waiting their turn to check in their luggage at the counter, only to be held up by a passenger who, in an attempt to avoid paying overweight baggage fees, unpacks their suitcase in public, removing weighty items and stuffing their possessions into a packable tote to carry-on . . . 

. . . I certainly wouldn’t want to be remembered for being the one to cause an already grumbling crowd to become more restless and irritable . . . how mortifying!

Moreover, you likely already have a personal item to carry-on and won’t be able to tote the newly stuffed packable bag on board.

Will you have time to arrange to have those things shipped back home before you go or will you be able to locate a locker to stow them until you return?

What if the overweight baggage event happens while enroute and you won’t be returning to that particular port ever again or there is no shipping counter to be found?

The Lewis N. Clark Digital Luggage Scale helps you avoid overweight baggage fees, especially when you are away from home.

Say goodbye to unpleasant spendy surprises and hello to worry-free travel.

Lewis N. Clark™ Digital Luggage Scale

You get a precision engineered electronic scale with a 90 pound (40 kilograms) capacity that accurately weighs your luggage before you check in at the counter so you can avoid expensive overweight baggage fees.

"Great, simple item. A must-have for travelers.  I travel often enough by plane (2-3 times per year) to make this luggage scale really useful. On several occasions, I have wondered how heavy my luggage was, stood there at the ticket desk crossing my fingers that my bag wasn't overweight. Thankfully, I've never been over the bag weight limit, but I've always been curious and wished I owned a scale. Now I have one!"  --D. Arteri

Small enough to fit into your pocket

The featherweight (a mere 3 ounces) compact design is small enough to fit into your pocket so you can keep it handy when you need it most.

"Great, easy-to-pack, reliable luggage scale!  I've always struggled with weighing my luggage at the end of a trip. I'd typically end up resorting to getting on a bathroom scale first to check my weight, then get on holding my bag, then subtract the difference to estimate what my baggage fees would be. Thankfully, this Lewis N. Clark scale takes the guesswork out of weighing my bags, and the design makes it easy to do . . . This scale is easy to operate, and constructed well enough to give you quite a few years of reliable operation . . . Easy to operate, small enough to easily pack, and literally handy to have!"  --M.D. Edwards

The comfortable grip makes it easy to weigh your travel bag

The comfortable contoured handle with rounded edges, constructed with ABS plastic, has an attractive sleek finish and is strong even when lifting full-weight bags off the ground.

"Handy and Inexpensive . . . I used to use a bathroom scale to weigh my suitcase. That was all I ever used that scale for, and it was a pain and inaccurate. I'm so pleased to have this instead. It's also easy to pack with you so you can keep tabs when packing for your return as well."  --Jesse Dylan Watson

Recommended by Travel Professionals!

"Nothing is worse than arriving at the airport after an amazing vacation only to find out that all the souvenirs you’ve purchased have made your luggage exceed the airline’s maximum weight restrictions. This handy lightweight luggage scale from Lewis N. Clark will help your favorite jetsetter avoid costly overweight baggage fees."

--Jill Clemo, Freelance Writer,

Travel Gumbo
The Thirsty Tourist

Lewis N. Clark Digital Luggage Scale

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See Why Trekkers are Excited!

"In this era of sometimes strict weight limits for airlines, this rather small and portable travel tool is a necessity; especially if you are, like me and have a hard time traveling 'light'.  If you go over an airlines weight restriction just once it can cost you dearly. For 20 or so bucks, this super lightweight and portable scale will likely save you money."


When it comes to adventuring, whether you're sailing by sea, taking to the air or on the road, the tools and travel tips you use are the same. 

As with many travelers, over the years I have discovered I don't like all the work of packing more than I need . . . I like to travel light.

It’s why packing and carrying more than one carry-on bag is heavy, cumbersome and bulky, not to mention all the different luggage pieces you need to weigh and to keep track off.

I have found packing and carrying more than one carry-on bag is an awkward wrangling of heavy bulk I just don't want to deal with anymore, especially in stressful travel circumstances.

Keeping track of all that stuff and injuring my back, because it's too heavy, is not my idea of fun. 

When you need to avoid costly overweight baggage fees, then a high quality, reliable, packable weighing device, like the Lewis N. Clark™ Digital Luggage Scale, is what you need to get the job done.

Digital Luggage Scale Instructions Image

Using this Digital Luggage Scale is Quick & Easy

  1. Install 2 CR2032 lithium ion batteries (included) by opening the cover to the battery compartment, located at the corner on the back of the handle.
  2. To turn on the scale press the “Power” button.
  3. When the LCD display reads 0.0, select the unit of weight desired, pounds or kilograms, by pressing the “lb/kg” button.
  4. Thread the closed webbing loop strap through the handle of your travel bag (1 & 2).
  5. Pull the handle of the digital luggage scale the loop of the strap (3).
  6. Using two hands grasp each end of the handle and lift your bag off the ground (4).
  7. Wait for the scale to determine the weight; a beep will sound.
  8. Set your bag back down on the ground and read weight on the display; please note, the data will lock in after 12 seconds before the device automatically resets the display.
  9. To repeat weighing, push the “Reset” button until display reads 0.0 and proceed.
  10. When you are finished, turn off the device by manually pressing the “Power” button until display powers off, about 3 seconds; the device will automatically power off after 1 minute of inactivity.

I love the upscale look and comfortable grip; so simple to use!

I love the upscale look and comfortable grip; so simple to use!

Each Lewis N. Clark™ Digital Luggage Scale packs so nicely and it effortlessly tucks into your travel bag, backpack or coat pocket.

This compact scale is just the right size for those who wish to pack light.

Since we’ve received our scale, we have found it useful to weigh all kinds of things, such as our wilderness backpacks, bicycles, bicycle packs and other outdoor gear.

We have even used it to weigh our kitty cat, Abby, and parcels we wish to ship by mail.

I recommend purchasing one for travel and another to keep handy at home.

Whether we fly, road trip or go camping in our small RV, everything we pack meets our specifications for “lightweight”, “compact” and “multipurpose”.

This sleek digital luggage scale fits our standard.

It's Priced Right, a Terrific Value


I was pleasantly surprised to have received a quality product I quickly found to be indispensable.

So much so, it has become a packing essential that travels with me on every trip.

For those who prefer to pack light, this is the luggage scale for them.

The small profile measures 1½ x 5 x 1¼ inches, weighs 3 ounces and is made of high quality ABS construction and sturdy webbing that packs and travels well.

I used my digital luggage scale several times on a long business trip to Las Vegas, Nevada USA and it came home looking brand new.

The thoughtful design allows the luggage scale to easily lie between layers in carry-on luggage, fit in a day-pack, backpack or coat pocket, or pack inside any packable bag.

Compact and lightweight, it's perfect for extensive trips around the world and on cruises.

To keep your carry-on travel bag under-weight and manageable, avoid packing bulky, heavy clothing.

Instead, pack clothes specially designed for travel.

Choose clothing made of high tech fabrics.

They are featherweight, wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking and quick drying.

Layer to keep warm in cooler climates and do a little handwashing each evening so your clothes are always clean and ready for your next adventure.

Get your Lewis N. Clark™ Digital Luggage Scale, and then pack up and you are good to go anywhere!

*Note:  I am a brand ambassador for Lewis N. Clark.  They approached me about evaluating some of their travel products.  Thus, I received a free Digital Luggage Scale to field test in return for this product review.

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