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About Cat McMahon

Updated May 21, 2018.

"Every morning I pinch myself to be sure I am really living in this wonderful place, that I'm not dreaming . . . it is a dream . . . a real life dream come true!"

Portrait of Cat McMahon

Author of the Road Trip Explore! series, Cat McMahon is a wordsmith who enjoys outdoor discovery, culinary exploration, her cats and making memories with her family.  

Her cat, Dodger, was the inspiration for

When Cat is not in the kitchen cooking up mouthwatering recipes for, she's on the road photographing nature’s amazing wonders for

Cat McMahon lives with her family in a craggy wilderness off the slopes of the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

How it Began

"When I was a child, my father instilled in his offspring a sense of adventure and wonder.

Our feet itched to explore new places close to and far from home, to discover new sights and experiences.  

If our feet couldn't convey us to choice places to see, we packed up and rode our bikes.

When we came of age, we drove and expanded our modes of transportation; we did whatever it took to get to our chosen destination, the jumping off point for our latest adventure.

I married an adventuring spouse; it was love at first sight, forever.

Our children cut their teeth on wilderness survival.

No schoolhouse walls for them!

The whole world was their classroom through homeschooling.

During these years, we dreamed of escaping the city.

It took time for that dream to coalesce, and more time for that dream to manifest itself into a tangible reality.

We built our cabin in the woods, a beautiful place to wake up to each morning, a pleasure to come home to after a hard day’s work.

Residing here is like living a dream every day!

Sometimes this sense of adventure is more of a state of mind . . . 

Facing the Vast Unknown

Facing the Vast Unknown

One moment I was fine, working at a full-time job I loved, completing studies to advance my career and caring for my family.

Before the day was out, I was dying from complications of a killer flu.

I danced with death for over a year.  

Life as I had known it had changed forever.  

Unable to resume my career or previous lifestyle, I was lost on the trail for the first time in my life.

Facing this vast unknown was a risky challenge.

My reality was each day might be my last.  

Life is terribly and wonderfully precious. . . 

. . . and I held on tight to that determined spirit, to live the adventure and to the desire to make life beautiful. 

Dreams Do Come True!

About Cat McMahon:  Dreams Do Come True!

In my lifetime I’ve been very blessed to experience the reality of dreams come true several times, one of which is  

Following the major life altering illness, my husband suggested I take up writing, again.

I dusted off that dream after having shelved it for decades while getting on with the business of raising a family.  

So, I dove in.

I asked myself, 'If others can do it, why can’t I?'

My gift to share was adventure.

I threw in my penchant for cats,, and thought I might help others by sharing some gluten-free recipes I have developed over the years,

By doing something every day to achieve my dream, persevering through learning curves, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, and disregarding naysayers . . .

. . . in a year’s time I published a website and a YouTube channel; created business and marketing plans; drafted two book manuscripts, completed research for two more, and published two eBooks.

Before the end of that year, I published those books in paperback, and created and marketed a calendar featuring my photography.  

To my surprise, I have a worldwide audience and my books have been purchased from folks in countries all across the Earth."

What People are Saying

"I love this website  To learn more follow @RoadTripExplore [onTwitter]."


"Just wanted to tell you I am having fun reading your blog!"

--Amy K.

"Found your web site. I think you've really got something here!  Best of luck!"--

--Marty T.

"I'm loving your blogs, you need to get them out to more people...more people need to read your stories."

--Lynne W.

"I love your photos!  Put me on your mailing list!"

--Anita S.

Cat McMahon's most recent accomplishments include books presenting stunning scenery from travel destinations both on and off road.

«««««Stellar Book Reviews«««««

"I never dreamed my books would be in such demand, let alone become 5-star winners!"
--Cat McMahon

««««« “This book is a MUST-HAVE for your next road trip! [Cat McMahon] does a great job of balancing pictures with descriptions.” A., USA

««««« “This road trip guide to Oregon is beautifully inspiring! Cat McMahon couples breathtaking photographs with artful and inspiring descriptions of what it feels like to be in this lovely environment. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a taste of Oregon adventure.” Sloan R., USA

««««« “Love this series. Such beautiful photography. Very inviting to go visit these places. Thank you for providing this! Can't wait to see more.”  Amy K., USA

««««« ”What an amazing road trip. I was guided with in depth detailed directions all through the road trip. I was advised which brochures to consult for information about the habitat, and the changing of seasons ie: weather, nature and animal life. I had advice about what essentials to take, from a full tank of petrol to camera and binoculars...A MUST . . . on this spectacular journey. Most important . . . no cell phone signal.  I was guided through eight points of travel, taking in the picturesque scenery, which is provided by the author.  Amazing photography, not only showing such beautiful nature, but naming certain plants and trees along the way. There was plenty more to see and take in on this trip, I will leave for you to see for yourself.  Maps are available.  I would highly recommend this book for travelers or those who just want to travel from their armchair . . . you will feel as if you are there . . . This is an excellent read by [Cat McMahon].  To quote . . . from [Cat McMahon]....LIVING the ADVENTURE of LIFE, BEAUTIFULLY. Never has there been a truer phrase.” Glynis M., UK

"I am always working on the next book in the Road Trip Explore! series.  Subscribe to email updates to receive Road Trip Explore! Ezine and get the latest news about road trip travel, book releases and promotions.  My websites are growing quickly; check back often so you don’t miss a thing!"  --Cat McMahon


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