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Which Road Trip Explore! Guide Book Cover Design is Best?

Updated March 20, 2017.

Vote for Your Favorite!

I have my personal top pick for “best book cover”.  Road trips are among the leading vacation choices of intrepid travelers.  From Travel + Leisure to National Geographic Adventure magazines, stunning road trip destinations have been featured in high-profile publications for years.

The options are endless . . . 

. . . great places to see, terrific things to do, delicious foods to enjoy, fascinating cultures to explore, wonderful people to meet and high adventure venues to experience . . . 

. . . it’s hard to know where to begin!

Sifting through my photos brings back the fond memories made with my family.  Of the mountains of images we shot on location, I choose the very best to feature in Road Trip Explore! guide books.

The Question Is . . .  

. . . out of all the choices, which book cover best captures the essence of a place and the marvelous experiences to be had there?

Which one is the most alive, the most compelling?

Now, it's your turn . . . 

Which Book Cover Design is Best?

Cast Your Vote!

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Book Cover Design Poll

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Check Back Often!  

I’m working hard to edit and format this Road Trip Explore! guide book for publishing soon!  

Can you believe it?  I have the next book in the series already started!  

I’ll post a selection of new cover designs in the near future

Poll Results

See voting results below:

October 13, 2016

Some votes are in!  I will post ongoing results as they come in . . .

. . . Please stay tuned!

Tell your family, friends and colleagues it's time to vote!  Please share.  Thank you!

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