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Road Trip Explore! E-zine, Issue #010--Sequoia National Park
October 20, 2016

Sequoia National Park

Dear Friends,

Once upon a time, there was a time I thought I’d not wake up to see the next sunrise, I was so sick.

My doctors exhausted their expertise and had sent me home to die.

I was so out of it, I didn’t even know how dire my condition was, let alone that it was life threatening.

Somehow, my body beat the odds. I was graced with a second chance at life, though my condition remained life threatening.

One day, my husband asked me, “If today were your last day on Earth, where would you like to travel to?”

“Yosemite National Park,” I replied, and then I pushed the boundary of his question, “and Sequoia National Park”.

So, he packed my red Tahoe, tucked me inside and drove me to sunny California to see a garden of Eden.

Giant Sequoias are among the oldest living organisms on the planet, living monuments, a testament to generations that have come and gone.

In a cathedral of magnificence, time stands still . . . a profound experience.

It was there I laid my fear of dying at the feet of giant ancients and decided to live each day as if it were my last.

Thus, the tagline for , “The journey begins here . . . live the adventure!

Now it’s your turn to experience the awe-inspiring grandeur.

It’s never too soon to make an adventure of a lifetime happen. So, put this bucket list destination on your next travel itinerary.

For a limited time, I’m sharing my newest guide book, Road Trip Explore! California—Sequoia National Park, with visitors who subscribe to this e-zine, for FREE!

Click on the photo or text link below. It will take you to a webpage with instructions, where you can download your free PDF ebook.

Road Trip Explore! California--Sequoia National Park

NOTE: This link will expire soon. So, download your FREE PDF ebook now!

Please help spread the word about my NEW book to your family, friends and colleagues and tell them to subscribe to this e-zine so they can get the FREE guide book, too. Thank you.

What's New!

All the action is happening on the Sequoia National Park webpage where I just released, Road Trip Explore! California—Sequoia National Park.

Very exciting!

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Road Trip Explore! California--Yosemite National Park

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