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Road Trip Explore! E-zine, Issue #008 -- Camping Supplies Guide
May 21, 2016

Camping Supplies Guide

Dear Friends,

Road tripping is more than just cruising to dream destinations; it’s a ind of holistic experience.

Among the most vivid memories seasoned road trippers will tell you is that of camping out. Camping isn’t just an overnight accommodation choice like staying in a high rise hotel or a fancy bed and breakfast house.

Camping is an in-depth vacation activity in which your senses become fully immersed . . . exhilarating.

Yes, it’s rustic, dirty and downright uncomfortable when things go wrong, but what we learn about ourselves, how capable and resourceful we really are when faced with our own mortality in a survival situation, is priceless.

So what if your matches got wet and now you think you have no way to start the campfire so you can cook your supper, because you forgot the camp stove, too!

You can choose to eat a can of cold beans and turn in for the night or you can make friends with the folks at a neighboring campsite, borrow a match, and then later invite them to join in fine fireside camaraderie at twilight . . .

. . . S’mores and hot cocoa, anyone?

These some of the best friendship makers I know!

Getting up close with the outdoors is always more fun than being cooped up in a cramped roadside motel room.

To make your camp out really enjoyable, invest in the right equipment for the kind of camper you choose to be.

Do you enjoy wilderness survival excursions or backpacking and sleeping under the stars? Maybe you love making camp hanging off the side of mountain? Perhaps tent or RV camping in public or private campgrounds are more your speed.

Whatever the style and mode of your camp accommodations might be, you need the right stuff to make it an enjoyable trip.

At Road Trip Explore I am publishing a new series about camping gear.

Bookmark the pages you’re interested in so you can return time and again to find what you need for your next road trip, and then tell your family, friends and colleagues about the great gear featured on the website.

This is one camping supplies guide you won’t want to miss!

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