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Road Trip Explore! E-zine, Issue #006 -- Boomers Travel Trends Transcend Generations
February 23, 2016

Boomers Travel Trends Transcend Generations

Baby Boomers are the most active, longest-lived middle-aged group ever to hit the face of the Earth! Their agelessness defies historical social norms for older adults. The classification, “elderly”, isn’t in their vocabulary.

Age is no longer an excuse to stop “living” and Baby Boomers are living life to the fullest . . .

. . . They are not the only ones! Gen Xers and Millennials have joined the movement.

Nothing illustrates this dynamic more than current travel trends.

About 99% of all Baby Boomers look forward to 4 to 5 trips per year, mostly within the United States, a few go abroad. They like getting way from the everyday grind and playing, enjoying family and friends and spending time relaxing.

They tend to be three season travelers, spring summer and fall who seek big city destinations such as, New York City and Las Vegas, and key beach states, like Hawaii, California and Florida. Cruises to tropical destinations are a leisure pastime.

AARP published, Travel Research:

2015 Boomer Travel Trends and Travel

2016 Travel Trends

Surprisingly, bucket lists destinations are a low priority. Boomers prefer sharing their travel adventures with their children and grandchildren more than anything. A summer vacation of some kind is always important followed by an occasional weekend and a holiday getaway.

That’s where comes in, smashing generational lines and trekking the road less traveled to incredible places, breathtaking sights and astounding adventures.

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