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Road Trip Tips

Updated April 26, 2017.

Road Trip Tips | Vintiquewise Luggage Suitcases Set | RoadTripExplore.com

Road trip tips are keen know-how we toss in along with our budget and a map when traveling. 

We like to make things as easy and as simple as possible when we hit the road.  Preparation makes all the difference.  

We start long in advance.  First with, an idea of where we might like to go; eventually the idea coalesces as we add in some things we’d like to do and see.

By taking stock of vacation time, we develop a flexible itinerary.  With a little more planning, that destination idea manifests itself.

We buckle up and head on out.  About an hour later I pinch myself.   

Yes!  We really are on another road trip of our dreams!  We couldn’t have done it without great travel advice.

the journey begins here . . . live the adventure!

Explore Road Trip Tips

Click on the links below to find various tips and resources we've found work best for us, and for others.

Explore Gifting Tips

The Road Trip Gift Guide features gifts that are sure to become family travel favorites. There's no better time than the holidays, special occasions or “just because”, to give a road trip gift that inspires a great new adventure!

Explore Packing Tips

10 Reasons Why You Should Always Travel With a Packable Bag  A packable bag solves mid-trip travel needs when your luggage isn’t enough.  There’s nothing worse than . . .

Avoid Baggage Fees When You Travel; Use a Digital Luggage Scale  With a digital luggage scale, and a little know how, you can quit wrestling with unwieldy bulk, struggling to get an accurate weight and worrying about if your travel bags are too heavy.

Clean Travel Laundry in Minutes to Keep Clothes Fresh & Sweet Smelling  Hand-washing travel laundry can be a stinking mess if you aren’t prepared with the right equipment and a little know how . . . 

Common Cold Treatment Tips for Travelers  ‘Tis the season for common cold treatment tips and just in time . . . put the cold virus on notice so you can travel without missing a beat

How to Pack a Suitcase for a Road Trip  Packing a suitcase and tote for an adventurous road trip vacation isn't rocket science.  Making efficient use of limited luggage space goes a long way to keeping clothes wrinkle free.

How to Pack a Tote for a Road Trip  I love my tote and don’t travel anywhere without it!  It is my most indispensable travel tool . . . 

How to Use a Travel Clothesline to Dry Clothes in Record Time, Wrinkle-free Drying wet clothes can be a challenge if you aren’t prepared with the right equipment, such as a travel clothesline, and a few tips.

Packing for a Road Trip—What You Need to Go!  Packing for a road trip can be a daunting chore, but with the right information, tools and checklists, packing can be easy. . . 

Secure Your Valuables while Traveling using Retractable Cable Locks

Secure Your Valuables while Traveling using Retractable Cable Locks  Use retractable cable locks and quit worrying about your luggage, skis or other valuables, so you can really enjoy yourself on your next road trip or high adventure.

The Ultimate Road Trip Packing List & Tips  Here’s the ultimate road trip packing list you’ve been waiting for, plus travel tips . . . Everything you need for your next road trip adventure!

Explore Planning Tips

How to Save Money for Your Next Road Trip Adventure  Challenge yourself to save money for travel adventures, vacations or road trips.  It’s all about trade-offs and what is most desired.

Road Trip Destination-30 Ways to Choose Where to Go  Road trip destination ideas abound. With so many places to go and things to do, selecting a place to travel to can be difficult. Here are some ways to help narrow the choices.

Road Trip Destinations-How to Find Places to See & Things to Do  The vacation dates are set. Your road trip destinations are chosen.  The money is set aside.  Now is the time to decide what places you want to see and what things you want do on your next vacation.

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