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Updated October 17, 2016

Discover amazing road trip ideas and destinations at  See spectacular sights and jaw-dropping natural wonders.  Find terrific things to do and trek the path less traveled.

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Road Trip Explore! California--Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park  Climb geologic marvels, backpack a remote wilderness or ride a horse up a trail.  Enjoy camping, go birding and photograph wildflowers.  Be awestruck by ancient trees, peruse historical sites and take a dip in crystalline lakes. Discover vast vistas, incredible wildlife and a wondrous landscape at one of USA’s premier National Parks.

Sequoia National Park  Be spellbound by ancient giants, experience historical figures’ herculean achievements and conquer monolithic granite domes.  Stargaze midnight heavens, brave rollicking rides on snaky scenic byways and go spelunking. Heed the call of California’s magnificent Sierra Nevada; see fantastic marvels and colossal scenery in one of USA’s premier National Parks.


Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park Colorado USA--North Rim  The Black Canyon of the Gunnison wields a big claim . . . the steepest, narrowest, deeper-than-two-Empire-State-Buildings-stacked-atop-each-other canyon . . . 

Ouray Colorado--Traveling the San Juan Skyway  Ouray Colorado, the “Switzerland of America”, lies at the feet of majestic giants, the wild and wooly San Juan Mountains and the snowcapped Sneffels Range . . . 

Ridgway Colorado--Traveling the San Juan Skyway  Ridgway Colorado might be a little town, but it has “True Grit”!  Its larger-than-life reputation makes it a must-see destination in the Great American West.  

Silverton Colorado--Traveling the San Juan Skyway  Join us on our tour of Silverton Colorado, the gem of the San Juan Skyway National Scenic Byway, crowned by the San Juan Mountains . . .

The Million Dollar Highway--Traveling the San Juan Skyway  Driving the Million Dollar Highway is an exhilarating, one-of-a-kind road trip experience!  Not for the faint-hearted . . . 

The San Juan Mountains Colorado--Traveling the San Juan Skyway  Journey with us through majesty, the San Juan Mountains Colorado . . . the most resplendent range in the Rockies!


Road Trip Ideas--Explore Florida Articles--Florida Alligator image courtesy

A Fascinating Florida Road Trip--Tell Us Your Story!  Do you have a fantastic Florida road trip to tell about?  Tell us and see your story published on the web! 


Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho USA  The Craters of the Moon National Monument is a craggy, barren landscape.  Some might say it’s out of this world, almost lunar.  The unbelievable scenery astonishes visitors from around the world.

The Snake River Idaho—Road Tripping Up-streme!  A road trip off-freeway often leads to surprising discoveries . . . and the Snake River Idaho USA flows on through it all.


An Off Road Trip Secret-Olallie Scenic Area, Oregon USA  An off road trip secret buried deep in the Oregon wilderness is waiting to be explored!  Olallie Lake Scenic Area is a rugged resort nestled in the forested shadows of the Cascade Range Mountains.

Clackamas River Recreation Area  Hike the backcountry, raft the rapids and try waterskiing. Go camping, catch trout off the dock to panfry over a campfire and explore a ghost town. Be awestruck by old-growth giants, spot endangered species and photograph wildflowers.  Discover amazing natural wonders, magnificent mountains and splendid scenery in Oregon’s premier national forest.

The Columbia River Gorge--Historic Columbia River Highway, Eastern Section The Eastern Section of the Historic Columbia River Highway runs through one of USA’s premier travel destinations, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

The Historic Columbia River Highway--Western Section  Make a road trip here every season to experience the different faces of the Columbia River Gorge.  Find migratory birds and wildflowers in spring, hike to magnificent heights along the Pacific Crest Trail in summer, photograph incredible colors in autumn, and view the crystalline beauty of frozen waterfalls in winter.

Elkhorn Drive Scenic Byway-A Wild West Gold Rush!  The Elkhorn Drive Scenic Byway is an unforgettable gateway back in time.  No wonder it has received national recognition as one of American’s Scenic Byways!

Molalla River Corridor & Table Rock Wilderness  Shoot the rapids, bike the byway, or ride a horse trail.  Go camping, dive in for a swim and catch fish to cook over the campfire. Experience the rugged outback, hike heavenly heights and see majestic mountains.  Fabulous flora, incredible wildlife and stunning geologic wonders abound!

Off-Road Adventures-Exploring Like Christopher Columbus Going on off-road adventures in the wilderness is a bit like Christopher Columbus sailing uncharted seas and bumping into America.  We sallied forth into the Cascade Range near Mt. Hood in search of autumn wonder.

Oregon City-Pioneering the Past  Oregon City, once the focal point of America’s Manifest Destiny, proudly preserves its testament of the ingenuity and raw courage it was founded upon.

Oregon Central Coast--Lincoln City to Yachats  Fly a kite, build a sandcastle and go rock fishing. Watch whales, photograph geologic wonders and surf crashing waves.  Visit historic lighthouses, encounter wildlife and explore tidepools.  Go beachcombing, birding and hiking. Be awestruck by breathtaking vistas!

Road Trip to Portland Oregon USA  It’s time for a road trip to Portland Oregon!  With stunning scenery, award-winning food, fun nightlife, arts, professional sports, world-class outdoor recreation . . . you name it, it’s here!

The Snake River Oregon--Road Tripping Up-Streme!  Road Tripping the Snake River Oregon through the spectacular Hells Canyon National Recreation Area is an unforgettable journey filled with outstanding adventure in one of USA’s wildest places.

Wallowa Lake Oregon--One of Oregon's Seven Wonders!  Wallowa Lake Oregon is a gorgeous “postcard” must-see reminiscent of Alaska’s . . . No wonder it’s one of the “Seven Wonders of . . . 


Discover Dinosaur National Monument--Past and Present  Dinosaur National Monument is more than just another place to see, it’s a timeless experience!  With its footprint in two states . . . 


Leavenworth, Washington USA  Named the "Ultimate Holiday Town USA" by the A&E Network, it's a hot spot for visitors from around the globe.

Mima Mounds Baffle Geologists, but the Oddities Intrigue Visitors  Mima Mounds are not the roadside oddity road trippers usually encounter, but they are definitely a unique curiosity, worth taking the road less traveled to see!

Port Townsend WA

Port Townsend WA  "Come visit Port Townsend WA, a Victoria seaport and cultural center in the Pacific Northwest near the Olympic NP and the San Juan islands, and many diverse attractions . . . "

The Snake River Washington--Road Tripping Up-streme!  Road tripping the Snake River Washington upstream, from its mouth in Pasco, Washington USA to Hells Canyon Recreation Area, is a rollicking journey in an unforgiving outback . . . 


The Grand Teton Mountains--Road Tripping Up-streme!  The Grand Teton Mountains rose to the top of my bucket list of must-see destinations, like they jut into the blue skies of Wyoming.

The Snake River Wyoming--Road Tripping Up-streme!  A road trip off-freeway often leads to surprising discoveries . . . the pristine Snake River Wyoming is as rustic and scenic as it was before the “white eyes” arrived . . . 

Yellowstone National Park WY--Road Tripping Up-streme!  Yellowstone National Park WY is my favorite place in the world! I’m not alone in my sentiments.  It’s one of the most visited national parks on Earth!

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