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Road Trip Gift Guide

Updated June 19, 2017.

Road Trip Gift Guide

This Road Trip Gift Guide features gifts that are sure to become family travel favorites.

Great new innovations in luggage, clothing and accessories make traveling lighter and easier than ever, both at home and abroad.

Traveling any time of the year requires specially designed gear for comfort in seasonal weather conditions.

Security, safety and compact pack-ability are the key to maneuvering through bustling airline terminals, bus depots, train stations, crowded accommodations, and for long hours on the road.  

Stretch Your Clothing Budget

Change up your career wardrobe to fashionable, high-tech, comfortable clothing in classic styles with accessories that go from the field or office to a night out on the town.  This way you only have one wardrobe to maintain, making your clothing budget stretch farther.

For women, going from daytime to evening might mean swapping a classic silk scarf for pearls and heels. 

For men, wearing a tweed jacket over a collared shirt goes more formal by adding a striking tie.

It’s the simple double-duty details that make a subtle, yet distinctive difference.

Think Outside the Gift Box

Lighten up your commute with specially designed travel totes, backpacks and packable outerwear.  Take this a step further by purchasing totes and bags that leave your hands free and are weatherproof.

Remember those romantic days of old when ladies carried parasols?  Colorful folding umbrellas do more than keep you dry in a rainstorm.  They are excellent protection from the sun on hot summer days.

Tag everything.  In a sea of black bags that all look the same, how do you know which one is yours?  Artistic and colorful luggage tags add a stylish splash that says, "This bag is mine!"  Make it unique, like a personal brand. 

There's no better time than the holidays, special occasions or “just because” to give a road trip gift that inspires an amazing journey beyond the everyday.

What's on Your Wish List?

Consider using your gift money to do double-duty; support RoadTripExplore.com and buy your gifts from the Gallery and Gifts shop or from the Road Trip Gift Guide below. 

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